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Product Management Sandwich Cake in Enterprise
We will dive into a journey which roles, responsibilities and processes a product team has as it grows, and learn about the most common mistakes you can encounter on the way.
Building Product Design Teams
Whom to hire and how to structure a design team that delivers.
Launching the product in 3 months: pains and gains
How to launch a product with a perfect market-fit in 3 months and how to maintain this monster later
Product Design Team Routine
How product designers partner with other teams to deliver high-quality user experience and pixel-perfect designs.
How to crack the Product Management Interview
In any PM interview process, you're going to encounter the product design questions. Get to know a sample framework in order to master your “Pitch”.
Strong Product Teams: People, Principles & Process
The components of strong product teams, their core principles and their clever ways for collaborating on designing, validating and shipping products customers love.
Engineering processes for building great application user experiences
High-level overview of collaboration between design, engineering and product teams. What it takes to build great applications.
Transformation from tech to a product company
I will share the steps we performed at Salt Edge while implementing product processes and insights about the mistakes made.
Design outcomes. A customer-centric way to create impact with a design system
To have an impact, designers should aim to create customer outcomes. I will share how we designed an outcome-based design system to impact a multi-billion corporation such as Adidas.
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13 August 2022, 09:30
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